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AIF, 57.1 hours (1 hour last flight)

Another downtown tour of Dallas! This one was in a 172 and with Dad, Ash, and Wade. A little faster this time since the 172 moves and the SportStar doesn’t. The kids in the back seat had no audio unfortunately, but they still had a good time. We were vectored around Love tonight, but then flew right over the top of D/FW at 3,500 MSL. Pretty sweet.

Overall the flight was uneventful (that’s good in case you were wondering), and I think everyone had a good time!

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AIF, 56.1 hours (3.7 hours last flight)

Ugh… I need an instrument rating.

Today I was to be taking aerial shots of Lee’s lease. When I got about 60 miles south of Stephenville, I found a cloud line. Totally overcast. I thought I saw clearings up ahead which is why I pressed on the last 40 miles, but guess what… NOPE.

So I descended low enough to still be VFR legal and called Lee on my cell. If you think cell coverage is spotty on the ground in the country, try at 5,000 feet.

So I called Lee and told him no joy and turned around to go home. I landed in Stephenville to get gas, but didn’t stay for barbecue. Then headed home around the airshow that is going on at Alliance Airport right now.

So if time building was my mission…. ACCOMPLISHED.

Will try again later in the year.

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AIF, 52.4 hours (1.7 hours last flight)




Tonight, a friend who is learning how to fly went with me for a night flight. I did a little research (THANK YOU KYLE!!) and learned that you can do a Downtown Dallas tour from the air. I headed over to Addison, then was instructed to fly direct to Dallas Love. When they handed me off, the controller in the tower had me fly over Love, then turn left for downtown after a SouthWest jet passed by.

After we got clearance, she let us do two big and slow circles around downtown Dallas at 1,500 feet MSL.


Then I rolled the dice to see if we could do a cool flight back. From downtown, direct Dallas Love, Direct DFW Airport, direct Northwest Regional. They let us do it! I flew over Texas Stadium, and one of the towers at DFW had me fly to the east side of the airport, and when I was at midfield, fly due west DIRECTLY OVER THE AIRPORT! At 1,500 MSL!

THANK YOU, this flight was so awesome.

Once I was at the center of the airport, they handed me over to the west side of the airport and since there was no incoming traffic, they told me to go direct to Northwest Regional. Once I was clear of the Class B, they approved me to change frequency and I landed at Northwest Regional about 10 minutes later.

The weather was absolutely beautiful. Virtually zero bumps, unlimited visibility, no haze or clouds. Could not have picked a better night.

This was the coolest flight I’ve made yet, and I can’t wait to do it again. Next time I’ll take one of the 172s and we’ll load it up so others can enjoy!

BIG thank you to ATC, Dallas Love Tower operators, and DFW Tower operators for making this happen!


AIF, 50.7 hours (1.6 hours last flight)

What a great day to fly! Was a little windy, but very nice and clear with no clouds. Sherri, Atia, James & I took N52119 up to Skydive Dallas! Winds prevented anyone from actually jumping out of the plane, but we had a good day, excellent flight, met up with some old friends, and came on back. Unfortunately the winds forced us under the Class B today as all the airliners were on approach from the North to the South.

Had two pretty good landings though! And I’m over 50 hours!

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AIF, 49.1 hours (2.3 hours last flight)

Today was a pretty interesting flight day. Springfield & I took the SportStar down to Stephenville to hit Hard Eight Barbecue. Holy moly… food is tasty.

En route, we hit some rain! You can still fly under visual flight rules (VFR) in the rain, but ATC was willing to divert us if necessary. Was pretty cool! On the way back we were DENIED access through the Class B, so we had to descend much earlier than anticipated. Doing well on the landings in the SportStar again, even on my home field with the shorter runway.

Today was also momentous because I flipped a new page in my logbook! Here are my stats.

  • 184 Takeoffs/Landings (As Springfield pointed out, it is good when these numbers match.
  • 49.1 total hours
  • 3.4 night
  • 3.1 Simulated Instrument
  • 13.3 Cross country
  • 26.8 Dual
  • 23.4 Pilot in Command

Tomorrow we head to Skydive Dallas (via airplane!) to take some folks skydiving, and on Wednesday I am doing a night flight. Then Saturday, I am flying around the airshow to take aerial pictures of Pop’s lease!

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