AIF, 56.1 hours (3.7 hours last flight)

Ugh… I need an instrument rating.

Today I was to be taking aerial shots of Lee’s lease. When I got about 60 miles south of Stephenville, I found a cloud line. Totally overcast. I thought I saw clearings up ahead which is why I pressed on the last 40 miles, but guess what… NOPE.

So I descended low enough to still be VFR legal and called Lee on my cell. If you think cell coverage is spotty on the ground in the country, try at 5,000 feet.

So I called Lee and told him no joy and turned around to go home. I landed in Stephenville to get gas, but didn’t stay for barbecue. Then headed home around the airshow that is going on at Alliance Airport right now.

So if time building was my mission…. ACCOMPLISHED.

Will try again later in the year.

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