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AIF, 113.7 (4.8 hours last three flights)


Emergency Descent Maneuver

It’s been an interesting winter here in North Texas. We had a White Christmas, it’s been very cold which has trashed batteries, and we had severe weather very early and late in the seasons. But today, I’ve got another 4.8 hours of flight time to tell you about!

First off, my BFR—which, incidentally, I realized I didn’t need to do after earning my high performance rating earlier last year. I had a great ride with my instructor and learned a new technique for dealing with a fire in the cockpit at altitude. Typically, procedures tell you to just get down as fast as you can in a structurally safe manner. But the FAA is now requiring students to demonstrate a new procedure for an emergency descent maneuver. Essentially, it’s a steep, 45° spiraling turn toward the ground. Here’s a good video explaining how it works. So even though I didn’t need to go for the BFR, I learned something new!

Next, the weather has kicked some batteries into submission lately. After failing to get one of the two planes to start, we took the Cherokee to get fuel (long story, fuel pumps at my field went under maintenance for a while). Fueled without issue, but the plane would not start after refueling. Jumped it, got clearances, and then lost all electrical power. Since we were only a few miles away, I got out the handheld and gave it to James to operate while we ferried the plane back to my home airport. Was good experience!

Finally, I had a great flight with my bro-in-law to Tyler a few weeks ago. We had some great sights, unrestricted visibility, great calm winds, and a very relaxing flight. He spent most of the time taking pictures of golf courses from the air! Next up, pictures of my father in law’s lease from the air!

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