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AIF, Page Turning Time (143.6 total hours)!


Ain’t she purdy?

I finally took the plunge since my last post. I bought a plane, and leased it back to the same flying club I’ve been a part of for the last couple of years. It’s certainly been an a
dventure, and I will post a few things I’ve learned as I go!

No new planes to get qualified on yet, but I flew an Enstrom 280FX! Wow, what a different feeling of flight that thing provided. In the pattern I was great, close to the ground was not so great. Checked it off the list though!

Here are my stats thus far:

  • 143.6 total hours (+11.5)
  • 391 Takeoffs/Landings (+33)
  • 0.5 rotorcraft (+0.5)
  • 6.7 night (+0.6)
  • 3.1 Simulated Instrument
  • 0.2 Flight Simulator
  • 67.7 Cross Country (+7.8)
  • 38.5 Dual Received (+1.6)
  • 113.2 Pilot in Command (+9.9)

Will see you guys in the sky soon!

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